What Our Clients Say

Our work/time with Simone has been very productive. She has a natural and gentle way with children, which made it easy to establish a trusted relationship with my daughter in a short time. We immediately found her to be knowledgeable. Simone was quickly able to accurately assess and comprehend my daughter’s condition.

With a gentle hand, she has guided us through the difficult landscape of anxiety, health and sleep issues. Our work with Simone has helped my daughter reach a place where she can engage the world more fully and joyfully while also bringing a more balanced and peaceful dynamic to the whole family.

B. B.

Simone is a great person and has done an outstanding job in all situations we’ve asked her to assist us with. We’ve worked with her for more than 10 years and she’s always been thoughtful, kind, insightful, patient and efficient. Most of all, our kids that have met with her think she’s great — a good listener, great advice and provides useful tools. Her recent “success” for us — with the great assistance of another Wellspring therapist — was a particular challenging “stress management” situation and the tools provided resulted in a highly successful outcome — THANKS!! She works very well with outside professionals (pediatricians, school administrators, etc.) and is very accessible to parents. We have lived in Marin for over 20 years and have met many medical professionals over the years and Simone ranks at the TOP — we would strongly recommend her to anyone considering her services.

A. B.

When my daughter began experiencing debilitating anxiety two years ago, Wellspring and Dr. Simone Rodin were an invaluable resource for my family. Our daughter gained tools and insights she now uses to manage anxiety while my wife and I learned new strategies for supporting and nurturing her along her path. As we watch our daughter embracing life today, I am filled with gratitude for the calm clarity, wisdom, compassion, and support we three received from Simone and Wellspring.

S. H.

Haley Baker has been working with my son for roughly 4 years now. She has been with us during his diagnosis with ADHD and has been instrumental during a divorce that has happened in the family in the last year. I honestly don’t know where my son, or myself for that matter, would be without her kind, humble support. Haley’s approach to the behavioral issues we face weekly with my son have been not only affective for my child at school, but also tactical and something we now mirror at home in our parenting approach. My son opens up to Haley and has learned to say how he is feeling (a huge feat for adults let alone children with ADHD) and is learning how to recognize cues from within himself based on her cognitive approach to his learning and controlling his emotions. Haley is my saving grace and her skills and kindness have reached inside my little boy and changed him for the good.


The therapy Wellspring offered has been successful. My son hasn’t had any tic outbursts in months, his competing responses exercises and all the tools he learned have helped him overcome his urges. So above all, thank you guys for the therapy you offered him.

M. M.

I wanted to again express my appreciation for your help and support. You have been amazing in contributing to my son’s growth and peace. I’ll take a little credit as well but only because I was able to fold in feedback and input that you provided. I very much appreciate your time and guidance that set D and my family on his/our current trajectory. You made a big impact on the process and I’m very grateful.

R. A.

We have been working with Wellspring Psychotherapy Center for some months now. I am impressed with the service we get, starting with an in-depth intake, to really delivering insights to what is going on in our son’s mind. We are a divorced family and I particularly like the family aspect of our therapy sessions, where everyone is involved- parents, step-mom, half sister and then the actual client, our son. It’s complex when it comes to divorced patchwork families and we see how important it is to help our son integrate, learn and understand his feelings. I am very happy with the outcome of our sessions so far and I can really see the benefit for our son.


We have been working with [our therapist] for a few months now. When we first came to Wellspring we didn’t know what to expect or if therapy would even have any benefits on our daughter. I can honestly say not just our daughter but our entire family has gotten the support and tools, and a guiding light that has changed our lives for the better. I love how [Wellspring] includes the entire family in the process and seeks out the positive in each of us. She reminds us that we all have gifts to give and to use them to our best ability. She is very comforting and easy to talk with. We could not have found a better place to find support for our family.


I started working with Sue when I was going through a very difficult time in my life. For about a year, my life was taken over by stress, anxiety, and constant negative thinking. I had never seen a therapist before, but when I finally started to work with Sue, I wished I had started so much sooner. She is wonderful at listening, empathizing, and providing constructive recommendations on how to approach things like anxiety and negative thinking. Within a couple of months, for the first time in my life I was already feeling like I had more control over my own thoughts. After working with Sue for several months, I now have various tools in my toolkit to combat anxiety, depression, and negative thinking. I am so grateful for everything Sue has helped me with.


What Our Colleagues Say

As a mental health professional, I feel very confident referring clients to Wellspring Psychotherapy Center. From their first phone call to Wellspring until the completion of their therapy experience there, families receive warm, professional, and state of the art treatment. The director and staff are well-qualified to provide healing for a wide range of issues. Decades of clinical experience inform their evidence-based approach to psychological well-being.  I highly recommend Wellspring!


Fall Art & Mindfulness Groups

The focus of this group will be to support girls and boys in learning how to manage stress and other difficult emotions with mindfulness and art-based exercises