Individual Therapy for Adults

  • Do you feel “stuck” and want to make a change –but don’t know how?
  • Are you unable to face the inevitable challenges in your life, job, relationships?
  • Is it impossible for you to let go of stress?
  • Do you want to find more joy and meaning in your life?

Wellspring provides therapy services to individuals at every stage of life and our approach to working with adults is highly personalized. Individual therapy is an opportunity for you to work one-on-one with a compassionate and skilled professional in a safe and supportive environment. Wellspring therapists serve as a non-judgmental guide, to help clients through a range of life and relationship issues, as well as providing specialized treatment for anxiety, panic and depression. Depression, anger, anxiety and challenging relationships are common and need not be permanent. Our therapists can help you to identify goals and learn how to achieve them, so you can break out of unhealthy patterns, experience enhanced self-awareness and personal growth.

Our approach to therapy is informed by evidenced base models including Psychodynamic, somatic, Cognitive Behavioral, interpersonal neurobiology and mindfulness. We focus on building healthy coping mechanisms, changing dysfunctional patterns, building a healthy support system and developing the tools and strategies necessary for sustainable change.

Wellspring therapists specialize in treating:

  • Anxiety, worry and panic
  • Depression
  • LGBTQI issues
  • Pregnancy, birth and new parent issue
  • Technology’s impact on self and relationships.
  • Healing from past abuse or trauma
  • Career challenges and job loss
  • Grief and loss
  • Life transitions and stressors: divorce, separation, new relationship, moves,
  • Stress associated with a medical diagnosis
  • Shyness and social anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Finding meaning and satisfaction in life
  • Breaking out of old dysfunctional family patterns

Our goal is for our clients to benefit from therapy by gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, and to develop tools and strategies to find more joy and meaning in their experiences and relationships. We work together, therapist and client, to build and implement action plans for sustainable growth, change, and healing.

Fall Art & Mindfulness Groups

The focus of this group will be to support girls and boys in learning how to manage stress and other difficult emotions with mindfulness and art-based exercises