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Employment with Wellspring Psychotherapy Center

Wellspring is a special place to work. If you enjoy being part of a support team that helps people in their desire to grow and change throughout life’s challenges, then you may want to consider a position at Wellspring. See our openings below.

Comment from Wellspring therapist

Working for Wellspring Psychotherapy Center has been a wonderful experience both professionally and personally.  Over the past two years, I have been able to gain so much confidence and further expertise due to incredible supervision, a full client caseload, and many training opportunities.  

Dr. Simone Rodin carefully picks the most present and attuned clinicians to join the team, which has made the work environment incredibly supportive and dynamic. 

Wellspring did an amazing job adapting to the changes of providing telehealth in the midst of the pandemic and ensured that each therapist had the resources and tools needed to still deliver top notch therapy to clients.  From the care coordinators to our office manager, Wellspring operates seamlessly, allowing me to focus on my relationships with my clients and the clinical side of my work.   

I cannot imagine a more warm and genuine workplace to be a part of!

Kate Herrington, LCSW

Therapist / Clinician

Therapist position in San Rafael, CA

Administrative Support

Administrative position in San Rafael, CA

Comments from past Wellspring therapists

Wellspring Psychotherapy Center is an excellent place to work. The clinical staff is all well versed in cognitive behavioral therapy in addition to providing their own specialties, including attachment therapy. Trauma informed therapy, behavioral therapy, art therapy, and more,

Dr Simone Rodin–Clinical Director of Wellspring–provides top notch mentoring to therapists on how to improve one’s clinical skill set. Simone is extremely through, responsive, and committed to the therapists who work for her and the clients Wellspring serves.

Wellspring has an incredible reputation in the community, which is evident in the high volume of referrals the intake therapists receive on a daily basis. There is never a dull moment as a therapist at Wellspring. There are always interesting, high functioning and motivated clients to see and other therapists to consult with. As a therapist at Wellspring my professional growth skyrocketed due to the high volume of clients I treated who came from diverse backgrounds in terms of age, gender, and the issues they presented with. I left Wellspring a much more experienced and confident therapist. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity Simone, my clients. and my fellow clinicians provided me with.”
Courtney Lennard, LCSW

My time as a therapist at Wellspring Psychotherapy Center was truly a wonderful experience.  I felt continuously supported in my clinical work by Dr. Simone Rodin, Director of Wellspring.  Her expertise and calm clinical presence sets the tone for the professionalism and collegiality that I so enjoyed while working at Wellspring.
It was also a pleasure to collaborate with such a skilled group of therapists and to be part of a team so committed to professional development and personal growth.  I am truly grateful for all that I learned and gained in my time at Wellspring.
– Kimberly de Caires, LCSW, PPSC

Comments from past Wellspring Staff

Wellspring Psychotherapy Center is a wonderful place to work! Simone Rodin, Ph.D., the director sets the tone at the top and creates a lovely collaborative environment for office support staff and therapists alike. It’s truly a team environment, and you can always feel heard when offering suggestions on how to better the workplace atmosphere for clients and staff. It’s an enjoyable experience to be able to work on different tasks and projects, it keeps the day exciting and interesting. The therapists are exceedingly grateful for the support of the office administrator, it’s a wonderful feeling to be supported and appreciated at work as I felt every day during my time there. The icing on the cake is knowing that each day you are walking into an environment that makes a true difference in people’s lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Wellspring for anyone seeking employment.”


Spring and Summer Art & Mindfulness Groups

The focus of this group will be to support girls and boys in learning how to manage stress and other difficult emotions with mindfulness and art-based exercises